The Innovative Marketer

March 21st, 2024

3670 Hurontario Street,
Mississauga, Ontario

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A conference put on BY marketers FOR marketers

Engaged with numerous pharmaceutical clients annually, our team at MATRIX directly witnesses the hurdles encountered by marketers spanning diverse companies, therapeutic areas, and product life cycles. Recognizing a potential, we aimed to create a tailored experience that facilitates networking, idea-sharing, and sparks innovation for marketers. With a commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, in March 2023, MATRIX proudly introduced the “PHARMAFWD Summit Series: The Innovative Marketer”. This title encapsulates our vision of linking professionals, ideas, and resources within the pharmaceutical marketing landscape. The inaugural event exceeded expectations, selling out and leaving us eager to replicate this success again in 2024!

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The Innovative Marketer Summit will cover these critical themes:

Advancing Pharma: Harnessing the Potential of Cognitive Science

Explore the cutting-edge synergy between cognitive science and pharmaceuticals, unlocking new frontiers for innovation and discovery.

AI in Action: Enhancing Pharma Marketing Strategies 

Dive into the dynamic world where AI intersects with pharmaceutical marketing, charting a course for professionals to harness the power of technology for unprecedented success.

Beyond the Hype: Decoding ROI in Pharma Promotions 

Break down the complexities of measuring return on investment in promotional activities, uncovering practical strategies for success in an ever-evolving market.

Progressive Medical Education: Emerging Innovations in Learning and Development

Explore the evolving landscape and innovations driving medical education, revolutionizing how practioners acquire and apply knowledge.

Advanced Brand Planning: Elevating Strategies to New Heights

Elevate your brand planning game with insights into the latest strategies and innovations, propelling pharmaceutical professionals into a new era of strategic excellence.

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About the MATRIX team

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Marketing leaders Ian, Steve, Bill, and Laurie began their relationship as colleagues over a decade ago. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for problem solving, they started MATRIX Healthcare, a consulting firm focused on helping Canadian pharmaceutical companies. Fast forward 10 years, they’ve partnered with 40 companies, supported 50 launches and built over 300 brand plans. They continue to be driven by the magic of working with clients to create outstanding strategic and executional plans and saw a much-needed gap in the marketplace for a conference of this nature.