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The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self

Michael Easter, author of The Comfort Crisis, is a contributing editor at Men’s Health magazine, columnist for Outside magazine, and professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Michael’s keynote talk will explore how our evolved scarcity mindset affects business and health, offering practical tips to shift to an abundance mindset. 


Beyond the Hype: Decoding ROI in Pharma Promotion. How Promotional Spend Can Quantify Impact & Drive Greater Value.

Matthew Norton, General Manager, Consulting and Technology Solutions, IQVIA (Canada) 

Maria Alkadri, Principal, Consulting and Analytics, IQVIA (Canada) 

In an ever-evolving commercial landscape, organizations have been heading towards an orchestrated omnichannel engagement model with healthcare practitioners. As a result of this complex environment, marketers are facing heightened accountability, with potential budget reductions unless they can prove a return on marketing investment. There’s a growing need to optimize strategies and gauge the effectiveness of promotional and engagement channels. This session will illustrate a modernized approach to optimize promotional activities. 


An In-Depth Discussion On A Paradigm-Shifting PAAB Code Update: The New Guidance On Real-World Evidence

Jennifer Carroll, Director, Communications at PAAB

Amy Moriarty, Senior Vice President, Managing Director at the adpharm

Join panelists, Amy Moriarty and Jennifer Carroll, for a stimulating discussion on PAAB’s new guidance on the use of real-world evidence/data (RWE) in healthcare communications.  Learn what these new provisions mean for the industry and how to best leverage them for your brand as Jennifer takes on some of the most frequently asked questions by marketers.


The Power Of Cognitive Science: Medicine, Marketing & Memory

Jacob Braude, Principal, ZS, Charlotte, North Carolina

Dive into some of the fascinating research around how healthcare practitioners’ memory influences their perceptions and decisions, and the practical implications for Pharma marketing, sales strategies and tactics.


AI-Powered Transformation in Pharma Marketing:  Unleashing Deeper Insights and Elevating Engagement Strategies

Nishank Kanungo, Principal, ZS, San Francisco, California

Explore AI’s transformative role in redefining marketing.  This session highlights the power of AI to extract actionable insights from sales and support interactions, driving stronger engagement through personalization.  Witness AI’s potential through a dynamic demo, showcasing its impact on customer engagement in Pharma.


Navigating the Shifting Tides: Implications and Considerations for Pharma Marketers in the Evolving Canadian Healthcare System

Patrick Saunders-Hastings, PhD, MSc, CAPM

Senior Manager, Health Practice, Accenture

As the healthcare landscape undergoes transformative changes, understanding the intricacies of the evolving Canadian system is crucial for successful marketing. From new technologies to healthcare worker burnout, we will explore some of the key trends relevant to Canada’s healthcare system and workforce. In this engaging talk, we will delve into the changing external landscape of the Canadian healthcare system and explore what these dynamics could mean for pharmaceutical marketers.


Charting the Future of Pharma Sales Reps and Strategic Implications for Marketers

Jennifer Meldrum, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Peak Pharma Solutions Inc.

Explore the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical sales with our expert panel, as we analyze the future role of sales representatives and the strategic implications for marketers. Our panel of industry thought leaders will discuss the changing responsibilities of sales reps, the integration of technology, and the pivotal role marketers will play in adapting their representative delivered tactics. Gain strategic insights into aligning marketing efforts with the changing role of sales reps, ensuring a harmonized approach that maximizes impact in the dynamic pharmaceutical sales ecosystem.


Harnessing AI: Practical applications of Artificial Intelligence for Canadian Pharmaceutical Marketers

Mark Findlay, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Khure Health
Peter Doulas, CEO & Cofounder, KeyOps

A vendor showcase of real-world examples: How AI-powered algorithms are being used to identify patients, consolidate market research insights, and improve cross-functional workflow.


Emerging Innovations in HCP Learning & Experiential Programs

Jai Sharma, VP, Medical Communications, Synapse Medco
Brennan Smith, President, CTC Communications

Delve into the evolving landscape and innovations in medical education and practice reflectives to see how HCPs acquire and apply knowledge.


Enabling Pharmacy Engagement: Navigating the Evolving Role of Pharmacists in Canada Through Patient-Centric Insights

Vito De Filippis, MBA

Senior VP, Environics Analytics

As the role of pharmacists in Canada continues to expand related to prescribing medications, by understanding the patient population we can foster better patient outcomes and improve targeting strategies. This session will describe how pharmacists’ roles are changing as well as the challenges marketers face in determining how to strategically deploy promotional investment.  The presentation will highlight the importance of incorporating patient and consumer insights into pharmacy prioritization and HCP targeting as a crucial differentiator in the space.


A Perspective from the Patient

Gain insight into the journey of a patient grappling with a chronic disease, navigating the complexities of the healthcare system, and the support & resources needed from pharmaceutical manufacturers.



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